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Focussing on security and code privacy, NETGuard.IO includes numerous features to protect your file against unauthorized or illegal use, reverse engineering and cracking.

Protect your code from unpacking. Embed your .NET application into a safe native Win32 stub file generated by NETguard.IO to prevent analysis and decompilation of your code, turning integers into native integers (IntPtr) to hide them from malicious users, & on top of the standard anti tamper technique, a memory-based verification is done at runtime.


Protect your file in a few clicks ! NETGuard is the first obfuscator which GUI has been meant to be as user friendly as possible : only needed informations are prompted on the screen, and it automatically reach for external libraries your file might need to run. Along with that you can access your former obfuscation history and manage obfuscation projects.

The ugliest obfuscation  and therefore the most efficient one : regular fake names deployed in all the file, a unique code flow obfuscation module to mess with the flow graph of the file, intracable call throughout the methods ; this combine with strong constant protection will discourage hackers and curious minds.