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What makes NETGuard.IO different from other obfuscators ?

NETGuard.IO offers dedicated strong obfuscation security for .NET Framework software. From string encryption to anti debugging security, symbol renaming and more, we protect every aspect of you code with military-grade encryption algorithms.

Unlike our competitors, we are a small team of programmers passionate about IT security. Thanks to the fact that we are a small number of people, we can use innovative methods to protect your source code without bothering us trying to compete with the "big guys". Indeed the use of these methods have a certain number of implications which means that we cannot guarantee the result for very large projects (15MB and +), unlike our competitors. We compensate for this by offering you protection methods that had never been seen before: DRM protection for your alphanumeric data, program interuption in case of detections of certain tools, and much more!

Edition Comparison

Feature Free Version Paid Version
MSIL Code Encryption
Constants Protection
Hide Call Protection
DRM Protection
Code Flow Protection
Name Protection
Anti Debug Protection
Anti Dump Protection
Native Shield Protection
Price $0 $20/month

Special offer !

If you buy NETGuard Code Protector and NETGuard Licensing System, you got -$10 each month. Instead of paying $40 you pay $30